Standard Showdown – Verdun

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Day – Verdun
booster drafts mercredi soir verdun
Mercredis soirs Draft 12$
2019/05/11 @ 10:30
Game Keeper Verdun
4430 Rue Wellington
Verdun, QC H4G 1W5

Les Showdown auront maintenant lieu tous les samedis.

Format: Standard, 3 rondes,
Coût: 6$ 1 Booster a l’inscription
Inscription: 10h00
Début: 10h30
Prix: 1 booster par joueur inscrit au joueurs remi au joueur avec les meilleur resultats.  1 Universal Promo Pack ou 1 Universal PREMIUM Promo Pack au hasard si 16 joueurs ou plus

Like with Core Set 2020, one in four packs is foil, but there are key
differences to keep an eye on.

The first slot contains a Rare or Mythic rare card from Throne of Eldraine.

The second slot contains a rare or mythic rare card from a curated list. The
list draws from Standard cards, excluding Throne of Eldraine.

The first two cards will be stamped with the foil Planeswalker symbol, as
they were in M20.

The third slot has one of five seasonal promo cards, with a special frame.
The five promo cards are Glass Casket, Improbable Alliance, Inspiring
Veteran, Kenrith’s Transformation, and Slaying Fire.

The fourth and final slot now contains an MTG Arena code card that redeems
for one Throne of Eldraine booster pack-limit five per account. This digital
cross-promotion aims to drive MTG Arena players to your store. In some
regions, the promo packs have no code card and no forth slot.