Yu-Gi-Oh! Regionals Toronto – April 22 2018

Code of the Duelist - Sneak Peek
Sneak Peek – Code of the Duelist – Montréal
league cup
League Cup Challenge – Verdun
Code of the Duelist - Sneak Peek
Sneak Peek – Code of the Duelist – Montréal
league cup
League Cup Challenge – Verdun
2018/04/22 all-day
Metro Toronto Convention Centre
222 Bremner Blvd #701
Toronto, ON M5V 2T6


Visit our Facebook Event for more details about regional preregistration and ways to win cool prizes: https://www.facebook.com/events/576004012747414 

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Format: Advanced, Swiss Rounds, Each player needs their own deck to compete.
Online Registration, closes on April 21, 8PM (credit card or PayPal) 

Preregister Online

Onsite Registration: 8AM-9h45AM CASH ONLY
Start: 10h00
Cost: 25$ (CAD or US),   5 Extreme Force booster packs given with registration! LIMITED SEATING TO 400 PLAYERS FOR THE MAIN EVENT
Lieu: Metro Toronto Convention Centre


Swiss rounds: Means every player would play a determined number of rounds based on attendance and will keep playing against players with the same score.


In addition to the five (5) booster packs each Duelist receives upon entering the tournament, prize distribution will be as follows:

  • Top 8 Duelists each receive a WCQ Regional Game Mat.
  • Top 4 Duelists also receive a Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Deck Box
  • Invites to the 2018 World Championship Qualifier, depending upon the total registration of the event.

4 – 49: 4 Invites
50 – 99: 8 Invites
100 – 149: 16 Invites
150 – 199: 24Invites
200 – 299: 32 Invites
300 – 499: 48 Invites

Swiss Rounds for the 2018 Regionals Qualifier Season

Number of Participants*

Number of Swiss Rounds

Playoff Top Cut
4 – 8 3 Rounds of Swiss


9 – 16 4 Rounds of Swiss


17 – 32 5 Rounds of Swiss


33 – 64 6 Rounds of Swiss


65 – 128 7 Rounds of Swiss


129 – 256 8 Rounds of Swiss


257 – 512 9 Rounds of Swiss


All Duelists participating in a Regional Qualifier must turn in a completed Deck List in order to participate. Please check with the onsite Tournament Organizer for additional information in regards to the Deck List collection process. Duelists can download the official KDE Deck List at http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/events/forms/KDE_DeckList.pdf. Duelists are encouraged to complete their Deck List before arriving at the Tournament by using the downloadable KDE Deck List and typing out all of the necessary information in the editable fields on the form.

Cards printed for Asian markets are not legal for play in TCG tournaments.
You can use foreign-language copies of legal-for-play cards printed for the TCG market, as long as you can show an official translation of the card, kept outside of your Deck, when asked to do so by an opponent or tournament official.

Have a Deck that meets the current Advanced Format criteria.
Have a COSSY ID number (obtainable at the event) and be in good standing.
Have read and understood the following documents. These documents can be found at http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/gameplay/
KDE Official TRADING CARD GAME Tournament Policy
KDE Official Penalty Guidelines
Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME Official Rulebook

Official KDE Tournament Policy
Section IV “Tournament Rules”, article “H. Sleeves

“A player may choose to use plastic card sleeves to protect their cards during the course of a tournament.All sleeves must be identical in terms of color, wear, and design, and all cards must be placed into sleeves in the same direction and manner”

Need more information? http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/events/regionalsfaq.html


Exclusive Mat for the Winner
Registration Start after round 3 of the Regional Event
Cost: $15, 3 Extreme Force boosters at registration

Dragon Duel:

Registration: 12h00-12h25       Start: 12h30

Dragon Duel tournaments are Advanced Format, Constructed events. Dragon Duel tournaments are exclusive to Duelists born 2005 or later, with the top 4 participants earning an invite to the Dragon Duel World Championship Qualifier. It is run using Swiss Rounds without a Top Cut playoff.

Entry for a Dragon Duel tournament at a Regional Qualifier is Free.

Participants are required to provide proof of age in order to participate in a Dragon Duel (Copy of Birth Certificate, Passport, etc.).

A minimum of four (4) Duelists is required to run a Dragon Duel tournament at a Regional Qualifier.

A Deck List is required for participation into a Dragon Duel. Dragon Duel tournaments are considered to be Tier 2 events.

The Top 4 Duelists in a Dragon Duel tournament or their guardian must fill out a copy the 2018 WCQ Invite Form prior to receiving their prizes.  A valid e-mail address must be provided for either the Duelist or the guardian.

Dragon Duel Prizes:

The 1st Ranked Duelist at the end of Swiss will receive a Regional Game Mat.

Top 4 Duelists in a Dragon Duel tournament will receive a Dragon Duel shirt.

Top 4 Duelists earn an invite to the Dragon Duel World Championship Qualifier for their Region. Regardless of attendance, only four (4) invites are awarded for a Dragon Duel tournament at a Regional Qualifier.

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